Wall Beds

Wall Beds

MillWork DC


Millwork Design Center provides efficient, compact, and artistic wall beds. These master creations are also known as Murphy beds. At Millwork, wall beds are designed by professionals that are space-saving and multifunctional in various ways.

The wall beds are designed and manufactured to accommodate additional space, usually occupied by typical big-size beds and cabinets. You can transform your office, workplace, or small room into a stylish sleeping and fully functioning room through wall beds. Millwork’s bed walls are designed with a built-in storage system that optimizes your room space for various uses.

Design of Millwork’s Wall Bed

Our designer surveys the place where you want your dream wall bed to be installed in the first place. After the completion, the designer provides you with the designs from where you can select your wall bed or give a custom wall bed. The style, decorations, accessories, cabinets, drawers, and mouldings are designed and manufactured to optimize the space around you.

We aim to create flawless, unique, and artistic wall beds for you from architectural to complimentary design.

Accessories of Wall Beds

The accessories you can apply to your desired wall bed to create it more special and stunning.

  • Shelves
  • Deco Doors
  • Drawers and Cubbies
  • Crown Moulding
  • Doors with Matte Glass

Create A Room of Your Dream

Murphy beds or wall beds serve multiple functions. Millwork Design Center works on a principle that saves space and provides maximum storage while creating a wall bed. For better storage solutions, we provide a drop-down desk, cabinets, drawers, and foldable side tables to store as many things as you can.

Features of Wall Beds

  • The side-tilting option offers to optimize rooms with limited space.
  • A pull-out drawer along a side table serves the purpose of a nightstand.
  • Pillows, blankets, sheets, and many bed accessories can be stored in the cabinets attached to the bed.
  • A wall bed is the best solution for you if you have guests and no guest room.