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A mudroom is an entrance to your house. It is a point from which you enter another world. Therefore, a mudroom is a place that you want to be welcoming, charming, and unique so that you could enter your home fresh and happy. Also, you want your mudroom to be beautiful so that it attracts your guests, friends, and family members.

Custom mudrooms designed by Millwork Design Center keep your house clean and organized. It is a place where you take off your wet shoes and clothes. A mudroom is the best place to hang dripping things and dirty items. Mudroom storage helps you to achieve an organized way of life.

Create Mudroom of Your Dream with A Custom Storage System

At Millwork Design Center, the satisfaction of the customers is our top priority. Therefore, we do not compromise over the quality and satisfaction of our customers. That is why we send our professionals in the first place to evaluate the best options while surveying your mudroom.

We want that your mudroom should look amazing, different, and better than your friends’ or neighbors’ houses. You can get an idea from our free consultation service in which our designer assists and provides the best options available in transforming your mudroom. In addition, our service of custom mudrooms offers you a wide variety of shelves, drawers, cabinets, closets, and racks to keep your essentials organized.

Millwork’s Mudroom Features

Millwork Design Center creates mudrooms having multiple features that serve various purposes. Below are mentioned the features of our top-notch mudrooms.

Single Chrome Hooks

They allow you to hang your outdoor items as long as you want. Things like basketball, football, or baseball bats can be placed easily.

Double Hooks

Double hooks are perfect for hanging heavier items such as bags, backpacks, or piles of books.

Slide-out Baskets

Slide-out chrome baskets are ideal for storing necessary items and various accessories.


Lockers are provided in custom mudrooms. Millwork Design Center provides lockers with or without doors. You can select doors of the mudroom’s cabinets as per your wish.