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Pantry Systems

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An organized kitchen pantry system is the perfect thing for aspiring chefs or short-order cooks with their business growth. The kitchen is the heart of a house and the most used room. Every time, before or after a meal, you have to put in the time to replace and remove household items and food.

Like closets and cabinets, Millwork Design Center offers a diversified and customized range of kitchen pantry. Our experts in the designing field are always ready to assist you in converting your dream of custom kitchen pantry design into a reality. A custom pantry system provides organization and essential storage.

With their knowledge and skills, our pantry system designers measure the space of your kitchen and inquire about the amount of storage you need. Then, the designer creates a pantry system that will be ideal for your budget and accommodation.

Features of Custom Pantry System

The various features of pantry systems are given below.

  • Shelf Divider
  • Front Drawers
  • Pull-out Shelves
  • Wine Rack
  • Dividers and Drawers
  • Accessories

Types of Pantry System

While modifying your kitchen, there are many options from where you could choose your perfect design for the pantry system. All the types are efficient in their work and fit different places according to space and dimension.


Cabinets are useful in terms of storing necessary food or non-food items. Cabinets hold things in their suitable place and save your products for the long term.


The most attractive feature of the pantry system is the drawers. Drawers are similar to cabinets in functioning but more compact in design. As a result, smaller utensils, essential items, snacks, and cookies can be easily stored in them.


If things are replaced or removed constantly in your kitchen, then open shelving is the best solution. Open shelving offers more storage and organization for such items that are used mostly in the kitchen.

Wine Rack

For wine lovers, a wine rack is the best application in the kitchen pantry system that helps you to store and organize your wine bottles and beers.