MillWork DC

Millwork Design Center provides custom garage cabinets, and for ultimate garage remodeling, it offers storage solutions to assemble the essential tools in order. Mostly, a garage is the largest room or space in any house. Our cabinets and closets are designed to optimize the garage storage and to make a better organization. The garage cabinets allow one to keep all the necessary garage tools and items close at hand. Thus, it does not only increase the worth of your house but make it more compact than ever.

Millwork knows what the garage means to you. A garage is not a place for keeping vehicles but also a useful storage area. With unique organizers, you could make the most of your extra garage space for your particular needs.

A combination of shelving, countertops, drawers and garage cabinets allows you to create as maximum space as you can by shifting all disorganized tools and essentials into this combination.

Features of Garage Cabinets

  • Decorative Valance
  • Corner Shelves
  • Sliding Chrome Wire Baskets
  • 48-degree Wide Cabinets
  • Pull-out Shelves or Trays
  • Storage Area Above the upper Cabinets
  • Drawer with Ball Bearing
  • Storage Shelves
  • Double Decker Cabinets
  • Cubbies
  • Pull-out Island Closets

You Garage, You Design, Our Service

Alongside the preset design, Millwork Design Center allows you to control the design of your garage according to your wish. Our experts give you a free consultation for the renovating of your garage to bring a flawless organization. You can choose essentials from our wide variety of accessories, designs, and finishes to make your garage beautiful. By remodeling your garage, you can make it a home gym, craft room, and playroom. For this, we provide built-in cabinets, custom bars, countertops, desks, drawers, and shelves so that you could entertain all options under one roof.

Garage Flooring

Millwork, with garage cabinets, also provides a flooring option to your garage to make it even stunning. So if you want to build your garage into something remarkable, installing garage cabinets with garage flooring is the perfect combination.